Wandering the Good

dream with your heart wide open... ~holland-michelle~


what was long ago is yesterday and still tomorrow.
i ran my hands all over a world pinned to a child’s wall.
i felt it’s intensity… it’s love… it’s sorrow, it’s splendor and wickedness. the whisperings of the world would resonate into a roar… every time, a voice spoke to my spirit about unimaginable things as my fingers trailed across the equator, the oceans and lands. i heard the same words over and over each time i went to the wall, “you cannot imagine the evil acts men are devising all over the world at this moment, the suffering that they will bring to the peoples…. they plan in earnest and you shall see… witness. In all the lands, every place you have placed your hand, the men meet.” and so it goes… as it was yesterday and will be again tomorrow, a world pinned to the wall is fighting a darkness so far out in front of them it’s nearly hopeless and my fucking heart breaks. every day…

~holland michelle~

by holland michelle & sunflowersandsearchinghearts.tumblr.com